Conversations With Global Women Leaders: Kahina Van Dyke On Culture As A Garden Maze | Move Ahead Global

It is very easy to assume everyone else is as clear as us, when in fact few people actually practice mind-reading! You have used allegory already to bring to life your thoughts e.g. pyramid, compartmentalize, maze. What metaphor would you say best describes your work as a global leader? Kahina: Most likely, people would describe me as someone who looks far ahead into the distance to understand the landscape and the direction we should move to. However, when I see something on the ground I swoop down quickly to try to remove barriers for the team and the business. Does this mean I am a Falcon or an Eagle? They are hunters, which I dont believe I am. I understand large systems and how to operationalize large scale change into small bite size chunks. I also am at the point in my career where I need to believe that I am benefiting society with my talents and skills.
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