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Gaza War: The Terrifying Truth (opinion) –

An Israeli reservist prays July 18 near the Gaza border by Sderot, Israel.

And the United States has no ties or influence with Hamas. And we don’t even have a situation where one mediator can work on Israel and party X could mediate with Hamas in a kind of diplomatic tag team. Indeed, the flaws of trying to negotiate a cease-fire by committee were all too apparent in the collapse of the Thursday accord. View my Flipboard Magazine. 4. Expectations, the real problem: Unlike the two previous confrontations or even the second intifada where Israel and Hamas squared off, this crisis is driven by expectations on each side that will be hard, if not impossible, to meet. Even if the two sides wanted to stand down, they have raised the hopes among their respective publics that can only constrain each of them and prove disappointing to Israelis and Palestinians as well. Netanyahu wants to avoid a massive ground incursion, yet he’s identified an endgame — demilitarization of Hamas — that would require the forceful disarming of an organization that isn’t going to agree to give up its weapons voluntarily.
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Ted Cruz Deserves Most, But Not All, Of The Blame For Killing The House’s Border Bill – Yahoo News

View photo Ted Cruz Deserves Most, But Not All, of the Blame for Killing the House’s Border Bill If Sen. Ted Cruz is the de facto Speaker of the House, then Sen. Jeff Sessions is his Majority Whip. Cruz led the movement to tank House leadership’s bill to address the border crisis, but sources on the hill said it was Sessions’ very public opposition that convinced them their constituents wouldn’t be happy with “amnesty.” Operation Screw Boehner was Cruz’s creation, and he’s rightly received most of the blame. The Los Angeles Times noted that “behind the scenes, it was Cruz … who appeared to be pulling the strings.” Jonathan Chait at Daily Intelligencer wrote , “Ted Cruzmetwith the core group of House Republicans who vote against every bill and explained to them that since this is a bill, they should vote against it.” But despite Ted Cruz’s rallying of the troops earlier this week, several Republicans said it was actually long time Alabama Sen.
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Fan Fest Will Provide Change Of Pace For Cardinals – Yahoo Sports

Louis Rams . He won two Super Bowls with the Steelers and has 10 games of postseason experience. Arians said he’s looking for experience and depth on the offensive line, and Starks knows the offense from his days with Arians in Pittsburgh. The Cardinals released tackle Cory Brandon and kicker Danny Hrapmann.
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